SPFramework: Example of usage

SPFramework: Example of usage

Initialize framework library with working directory set:

PS SPFramework:\> .\Init.ps1 -Auto
Pic. 1 Init.ps1 output

To create new file with two functions and comment based section use Create-FileFunction / cff function:

PS SPFramework:\> Create-FileFunction .\Parallel-Jobs.ps1 Set-ParralelJob, Remove-ParallelJob -CommentBasedHelp


PS SPFramework:\> cff .\Parallel-Jobs.ps1 Set-ParralelJob, Remove-ParallelJob -CommentBasedHelp

Full list of functions and aliases can be found here: Functions and aliases list

Pic. 2 Create-FileFunction result

To add another function(s) to file use same Create-FileFunction with null or blank value at first parameter position. New function(s) will be append:

PS SPFramework:\> Create-FileFunction "" Get-ParallelJob -CommentBasedHelp


PS SPFramework:\> cff "" Get-ParallelJob -CommentBasedHelp
Pic. 3 Adding new function result

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