SPFramework project

SPFramework project

In past years I worked with many technologies at the same time and I did not realized I can make my daily work more efficient. Mostly I did not have time (or maybe I thought I do not have it) for such things because of short time frames for code delivering.

After long time I realized that I spend a lot of time for doing similar tasks or previous codes searching. Even when I started pushing my code into libraries I did not provide documentation or it was not detailed enough to use it fast and simple.

Often it was better to write new code than getting know how old one is working and if it is suitable for my requirements at current project. Believe me after six months most people who are improving programming skills do not recognize their own code.

I think it is perfect time to change few things!

The main reason is that I want to make my PowerShell code work much more friendly, faster, efficient.

Yes. I decided to write my own framework which will help me reduce time spending on repeatable tasks and make some of them more automated.

Pic. 1 SPFramework at work

I am glad to make this project start. I can improve my OOP skills and reorganize my daily work at home and work.

Such project is a great playground to understand what kind of code pieces allows me to save some time and make more sense at my developer routine.

It is also so satisfying when I replace few lines of commands to one function or script block to get the same result.

I will write a little bit more about framework when I publish version with basic functionality that I need for now. Probably it will take some time to prepare documentation for that but I think it will be worth each saved minute for… coffee drinking.

Last but not least… I have another topics to write a post and get opportunity to train my english in written.

One project so many advantages.

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